A Wasted Day?

It’s so funny how what seems to be a “wasted day” on the surface, can become one of the most enriching days we could ever experience. Maybe there are times that we are just going through the motions and not living from our hearts and in our faith. Its not until we find a glitch in the system, that we clearly see what’s going on with us, and in our relationship to God. I can think of so many times in my life that this has been the case. In those times I find that I gain so much insight into my true motives and spiritual state, that it becomes a true moment of growth and restoration. For instance, today I was hindered by a headache that lasted most of the day, and it made it nearly impossible to do all the things I hoped to accomplish. My teachable moment came when I was complaining about my disappointment over the “wasted day” when all of a sudden I realized that the day wasn’t over yet. There is still time to grab a hold of and utilize it to make it a worthwhile day. We must realize that time is every changing and our circumstances are not set in stone. Our choices, and decisions in the moment can affect our current circumstance in an instant. Maybe its not the day I planned, but God in His infinite mercy and wisdom, knew what kind of day would provide the most change inwardly to make future days even more productive. So I thank you Lord for allowing my day to go off schedule and today for speaking to my heart; drawing me closer to you.


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