Book Blog Review

“Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World” Author Dr. David Jeremiah

In this book, Dr. Jeremiah discusses how we are to live as Christians as the last days draw closer. His approach is based on biblical principles as he addresses living through trials and tribulations.

Forefront in his book is the current recession, however he delves even deeper into the various dilemmas that so many of us, often find ourselves in today. He offers help not only to Christians, but also this book can be a source of comfort and insight for those who do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jeremiah so masterfully brings new light to the struggles that the early church encountered and how trials and hardships manifested in great growth for each believer and the church as a whole.

In summary, I find this book reassuring and hopeful. With this book Dr. Jeremiah challenges us not to live in self-pity, but rather to see God’s hand in teaching us to be more compassionate, patient, and stronger in our Christian walk. our daily lives, and our relationships to one another.




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