Thinking Out Loud 01/31/2013

Ever feel like your friend(s) or loved one(s) have put you up on a bookshelf?  Do you feel forgotten or unimportant? Though you know life at times is busy and there are commitments to keep, deadlines to meet and then of course illness may be present and these are all valid reasons to explain the separation you might feel; you still feel a detachment of sorts. These times can hurt and make you feel lonesome. Now think how God must feel. God — our Heavenly Father, creator of all including each of us! With so many children must feel this more than hundred fold and each child having one, many, all or even more reasons for not spending time with Him and yet, there is not one valid reason to explain our absence from seeking His presence. For He is God, always present, always available and even reading the intents and attitudes of the heart. Our excuses do not stand up as he can tell what is keeping us from Him and often it’s times of self indulgence, sin, misplaced priorities and a wide host of other possibilities. But unlike mankind, He is always willing to forgive, loving unconditionally, and ready to receive us. Because of this and so many, many other reasons — Shouldn’t we all the more make every effort not to put Him up on a shelf? After all, without Him we are nothing! Just thinking out loud.

Copyright 2013, Nancy M. Ericsson


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