His Grace

Born into a world of sin,
to save souls trapped there within;
Engulfed by delusions of the evil one,
to only be saved by God’s own Son;
Taking our place, he fulfilled the Law,
living a perfect life, without a flaw;
He paid the price to set us free,
and died upon the blood stained tree;
On the third day he was raised,
making the atonement by which we are saved;
Having now risen he reigns from above,
distributing God’s mercy and unfailing love;
At the door of our hearts is where he stands,
pleading the cause that salvation commands;
Believe, repent, be baptized today,
accept my grace, I AM the WAY;
Take upon the new life that I give,
and you shall not perish, but surely will live;
And when that final day comes, I will take you home,
and welcome you in, no more vainly to roam;
Safe in my Kingdom, you’ll live there with me,
sheltered by my love for eternity.

Copyright© 2007 Nancy M. Ericsson


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